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Company Profile

Fourth Technologies, Inc. (Fortek) is a premiere IT management, staffing and consulting company located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. For nearly 25 years, Fortek has been a leading provider of highly skilled IT professionals that have the combined experience and expertise to help you dominate your market by utilizing the latest software and database management technologies.

At Fortek, we recognize that a timely implementation of your technology demands can make the difference between dominating a market and losing significant market share! When time and talent are in short supply, Fortek provides experienced IT professional to meet your project’s deadline and budget. We routinely recruit and employ the Industry’s most experienced technology professionals from leading blue-chip and high-tech companies and can precisely match the “right” person for the project or job at a fraction of the cost of recruiting the same individual through conventional channels.

Fortek is proud of its rich heritage of delivering innovative and cost effective IT solutions for the most complex and demanding projects. We are confident that you will enjoy working with our staff to determine your specific needs and desired outcome with all of your IT needs.

Fourth Technologies, Inc. is among one of the leading Software Service Providers. We offer end-to-end solutions specializing in Business Intelligence, Microsoft, J2EE and SAP. Our subject matter experts adapt our unique and proven methodologies to meet the gap in client's mission critical needs.

Our proven processes, cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to quality make us your ideal partner to meet your IT demands.

Fourth Technologies approach to any client engagement:

  1. Understanding the Business:
    We recognize that our company is only as good as its workforce. We respond to your demands with industry certified technologists who are uniquely qualified to provide solutions required by you.
  2. Working with the client's needs:
    Our business philosophy has always been to work on what the customer wants and we ensure that we clearly convey our approach, vision and deliver results in a timely manner.
  3. Listening to your needs:
    For a successful project, one of the most important elements is listening. Our team listens to you to ensure we thoroughly comprehend your specific needs, and are well equipped to meet them.
  4. Cost-Control:
    We always keep in mind the cost aspect of any project so that we can determine the most cost effective strategies in regards to each project. By adopting the above approaches we've been able to be highly competitive and maintain our reputation as an outstanding Software Solutions Provider.