IT Practices - Fortek



Fourth Technologies, Inc. has experience in procuring and implementing various information technology services. We utilize the best methods and practices available to ensure success. Our specialties include but are not limited to the following.


Middleware serves as the tool that binds together isolated software programs to enable different applications to communicate thereby creating a seamless flow of information that can help improve business performance. Companies today rely on middleware as a key component of their Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy.

Our middleware practice enables clients to integrate data and business processes - improving access to information across multiple sources and systems.

Our software team is experienced in a wide range of middleware tools, programs and processes, including EAI, Web Services, PCM, servers and e-mobility tools. We also provide middleware administration servcies in BEA Weblogic and Websphere MQ.


Fourths Microsoft practice brings together people, processes and our proven project management methodology to deliver valuable solutions for your business.

Our software team offers strong industry knowledge and advanced expertise in .NET technologies, tools and servers, delivering high-performance products and a custom-fit experience.

Our dedication to service excellence and superior customer experience sets us apart. We adapt to your processes, with a nimble, flexible approach focused on providing optimal solutions for your situation.

Business Intelligence

Utilizing the proper software applications and tools Fourth Technologies can streamline your business intelligence procedures.

Our expertise in integrating the most efficient tool set into your enterprise can greatly assist in mining data across various platforms to performing deep analysis of the data. Our proven methods help to identify sales trends, goals, inventory and warehousing issues, procurement and shipping opportunities just for starters.

Business intelligence when performed efficiently and on point can be a great asset to your company's daily operations.